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What I Wore {Wednesday} Thank goodness we had extra clothes laying around

So…this was NOT what I left the house wearing this morning. I had on the green skinnies with a really cute sheer floral top from Forever 21. It was a poncho style blouse that had seems going up the sides to create sleeves. Does that make sense? Well anyway…somehow, as soon as I got to the studio, the seem on the right side just completely came out. No thread left…just hanging there. Clearly, I couldn’t wear that! Luckily, our last clothing swap was held at the studio and Jac and I had failed to take all the clothes home. So…I quickly threw on a new shirt and jacket and I was good to go!

fuschia jacket: clothing swap find

black/gray striped shirt: clothing swap find

black layering tank: Marshalls

green skinnies: Forever 21

zebra flats: Target (they are falling apart!)

purple bead necklace: thrifted


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What I Wore {Tuesday} aqua and black, prim and proper

So, today I had a newborn shoot which normally I would LOVE but, it appears that I have done something to my back which is causing me a great deal of pain and lack of mobility. Being that I only like to photograph newborn babies up until 9 days after birth, I really couldn’t reschedule the session…so I had to suck it up, medicate myself, and get the job done! I wore these liquid leggings solely for the fact that they are super tight and have a really high waist which helped to provide some support for my lower back. Should I have been wearing cowboy boots with heels? Probably not…but come on…what else would I wear?!

aqua ruffled sweater: little girls’ section at Target

black “silk” dress: Target clearance rack last season

black liquid leggings: American Apparel

sliver/aqua chandelier earrings: Forever 21

black cowboy boots: Kmart (years ago)

black/white houndstooth coat: Marshalls

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What I Wore {Monday} purple, gray, and a hint of pink

Monday was another chilly day which required layers…and lots of them!

purple skinny jeans: Forever 21

pink layering tank: Suddenly Slim at Target

black empire waist tank: Old Navy (years ago…stolen from Jac)

gray over-sized cardigan: again…stolen from Jac

black cowboy boots: Kmart years ago

leopard print scarf: (I’ve had it so long, I can’t remember)

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What I Wore {Sunday} chilly morning for church…

This morning it was 38 degrees… Yes, 38 degrees!! I am so over it! Bring back my 80 degree temps, please.

floral sheer tank: Marshalls

white/tan striped cardigan: stolen from Jac

coral/white striped layering tank: Target

flared jeans: Vigoss (from

gray boots: Marshalls

green beaded necklace: vintage

pink/gold earrings: Target?!

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What I Wore {Saturday} sparkles for wildlife

Late Friday night our good friends, Tammi and Dwayne, asked us if we wanted to go with them to a fundraiser for the Ohio Wildlife Foundation on Saturday night. They had won tickets for a VIP table so of course I said YES!! A chance to dress up and socialize? Yes, please! I didn’t have much time to find something to wear, so I dug through my closet and came up with this. 🙂

black sequin shirt: Target

black bandage skirt: Marshall’s

black knee high boots: Kohl’s

silver earrings: New York and Company (years ago)

silver bangles: some $1 jewelry store in the ghetto mall 😉

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What I Wore {Thursday} Double your pleasure…errands and awards ceremony!

So yesterday was  HUGE day for me! In the morning, I had to go register my youngest son for Kindergarten. (I’m not really one of those moms who gets worked up over this so that wasn’t an issue.) When I woke up, I realized that we no longer have his birth certificate and his passport would not work for registration, so I got to run to the ATM to get cash… drive all the way downtown to the Dept of Vital Statistics to get him a new birth certificate… drive back to Pickerington… pick up his medical forms from the doctor… and then get to the school to register him – all in a little over an hour! Somehow…I made it. My point? I literally threw these clothes on without even thinking. My hair is a mess…no makeup…yep.

yellow/gray striped tank: Target

coral cardigan: Target

black.tan printed skirt: I think it can from Old Navy or Target (years ago!)

brown faux cowboy boots: Burlington Coat Factory (years ago)

leopard headwrap: Vintage Wraps

After I got all that done, it was time to start preparations for the 2012 Micro Entreprenuer Awards Ceremony. I had been nominated among tons of others and ended up as a finalist which meant I got to get all dressed up in my “business attire” and go to an awards ceremony! I had no thoughts of winning…just that it was amazing to be nominated. Imagine my surprise when they called my name and I went up to accept my award and give my speech! Ahhhh!! The night was amazing and I was so glad that my parents were able to come over to join Jac, Alex and I for the event. 🙂

pink ruffled dress: Calvin Klein (purchased at Marshalls for this event)

tan leather peep-toe heels: DSW

green snake skin clutch: I’ve had it for years so I have no idea…probably Target?

tennis bracelets: gifts from my hubby over the years

chandelier earrings: Meijer years ago

gray matte metallic nails: Orly Iron Madden


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What I Wore {Wednesday} stripes, stripes, and more stripes…

Today was a day spent driving my kids to and from school, a trip to the grocery and getting some work done at the studio. Comfort was key. (oh…my hair is on its way to being blond and pink again…just takes a while to get to the platinum blonde stage…bear with me.)

pink/ white striped shirt: Marshall’s (by way of Jac at at clothing swap) LOVE the black bands on the back!

lime/ gray striped layering tank: Target

black jeggings: Target

teal leopard scarf: I think I stole it from Jac

white glasses: Zenni Optical

gray Toms: Toms

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What I Wore {Tuesday} floral dress and cardigan

Believe it or not, I really had to try hard NOT to wear a teal/blue/turq/green outfit today. I think that means I need to do laundry because I don’t think I even own THAT much blue/green but it seems that is all I have been wearing lately. This dress may look familiar because I posted about it a month or so ago when I worked on fixing the straps that somehow manage to break last summer. (Oh…did you notice something a little different about my hair? Yes, I am going back blonde and pink again…so for right now, it is a kind of strawberry blonde and pink until I can bleach again.)


coral floral maxi dress: Forever 21

white/tan printed cardigan: Target

orange braided belt: H&M

blue.white seersucker espadrilles: Target

orange/gold earrings: Designs by Mandi (last year)

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What I Wore {Satrday} scavenger hunt in the country…in the rain…AND new hair!!

Last night, we packed up some and headed the country for a night of country time fun to celebrate our good friend’s birthday. It had been raining ALL DAY LONG so we knew it was going to be a wet and muddy night. We grabbed some beer and headed about 45 minutes until the lights of the city faded and the rolling hills of the countryside appeared. As we walked in, we were greeted with , “Hey…its my favorite CITY PEOPLE!!” Love it!! The festivities of the night included a scavenger hunt through the country which included items like “drink a beer at chipotle, order a Big Mac at Burger King, touch Witches Rock, go skinny dipping, etc”. Yeah, we skipped the skinny dipping part…it was way too cold for that! Anyway…it was wet and rainy so this is what I wore:

gray oversized hooded sweater: Acquired from Jac at a clothing swap (THE ONLY THING I OWN WITH A HOOD!!)

purple tunic: Forever 21

black liquid leggings: American Appearel

black riding boots: Target

coral/gold earrings: Target (yes, I need to buy new earrings!)

New hair cut: courtesy of my friend Adam at Cut N Blow

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What I Wore {Friday} palazzo pants and a vest…

Repeat after me…”I, Amy, will not wear green/teal/aqua/turq with black and white tomorrow…no matter how much I want to. ” Apparently, I have been stuck in a certain color scheme lately and I haven’t really noticed it until I get on to post these collages. I swear I am not meaning to do this! The shirt today is actually a lot more teal than it is looking in the photos…but other than that, I have no excuses. This must change.

teal short-sleeved shirt: Target (years ago)

white layering tank: Hollister

black pinstriped vest: Lane Bryant (again, years ago!)

black palazzo pants: Target

zebra print ballet flats: Target (years ago…and they now have a hole in them…tears!!)

khaki scarf with green flamingo print: TJMaxx

gold/coral circle earrings: Target (I think)

black headband: Target


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