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{i watched it} Rock of Ages the Movie

ImageI was lucky enough to get screening passes for the Rock of Ages movie and despite never seeing the previews (and having no idea of the storyline), I was really excited to see the movie based on the soundtrack alone. I am an 80s/90s rock girl and was brought up on all the great rock music of the time. I am a fan of musicals for the most part (although, not a fan of the Original Broadway Soundtrack as it felt way to “broadway” for me), however, I loathe Glee so I was a bit concerned that this movie would follow the Glee recipe (bad acting, decent singing, great songs being butchered). I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.

As everyone has said, Tom Cruise does an amazing job playing the part of a wasted, sex-crazed, losing his mind, big name Rock God. I was a huge Cruise fan up until a few years ago when he fell of my radar and started to show his age. I am now eating my words as he looks AMAZING! Cruise…in leather pants…tons of tattoos…YES PLEASE! A side note, he can sing! I had no idea.

The two younger actors in the cast, Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta, fell a little short of hitting the amazing mark. Both are great singers but just lacked in the acting and chemistry part. Hough is GORGEOUS and that girl can sing but the acting just seemed so forced. Boneta definitely has a great voice and isn’t hard on the eyes, but again…he could use a little acting work.

Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin were hilarious! I honestly was laughing so hard at times that I had tears streaming down my cheeks. The chemistry between these two was amazing…with a twist at the end.

I love Malin Akerman in just about everything she is in and Rock of Ages did not disappoint. Akerman has amazing comedic timing and her love scenes with Cruise left everyone in the theater laughing out loud. The chemistry may have been missing between Hough and Boneta but it was definitely there for Akerman and Cruise!!

The music in Rock of Ages was great…not too over the top “broadway” as it can sometimes get in musicals. The dancing was so over the top that it was hilarious. The wardrobe team did a great job of taking the hideous looks of the 80s and making them look current so as to not feel like a joke.

Overall…I LOVED the movie. If you love musicals, SEE IT. If you are indifferent about musicals, SEE IT. If you hate musicals, you will probably want to skip it…but come on…you will be missing a great movie.

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