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{Ramblings} Saturday morning…

Coffee: I love coffee {probably not as much as my hubby} but I love it! I never thought I would be a big coffee drinker but somehow over my years I have gone from drinking a cup of the java filled with about a quarter cup of sugar and tons of cream…to enjoying it almost black. I have realized that I love coffee no matter how it is prepared. Yes, I do love my grande half caf skinny no whip caramel maciatto…but I also love just a cup of black coffee with a hint of cream. It’s all yummy!

One Tree Hill: This is by far the best show in the world. I am so sad that the Series is over and there will never be another episode. I will admit I wasn’t on the One Tree Hill bandwagon from the beginning…it wasn’t until Jac convinced me to start watching the first couple seasons on SoapNet that I gave it a shot and was hooked! This show makes me laugh {and cry} more than an other show I have ever seen. I love that the series is on SoapNet and Netflix…which means I can continue watching at my leisure. And get my Lucas {Chad Michael Murray} fix whenever I want.

Fifty Shades of Grey: I gave in to all the hype and picked up the trilogy this past week and I honestly can’t put it down. This book is hot racy amazing! {this novel is not for the faint of heart…or the prude…so tread lightly!} I just started the book on Tuesday and I am already over halfway through with the first one. 500+ pages in each book is a lot of…juicy reading!

Cold: I am over it. Today I was awoken by the sounds of sleet and hail hitting the bedroom window. Sleet and hail?! In the end of April? Seriously? Alex is out for the Ride4Autism this morning…30 miles of riding…in the freezing cold! he is a stronger person than I am. Anyway…I am over the cold. It needs to get warm again and be all spring like. I am not enjoying the winter weather…after the 80 degree temps in Feb!!

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