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{i tried it} Kiss Nail Dress – nail decals

Another product I was excited to receive in my Holiday Vox Box from Influenster was the Kiss Nail Dress nail decals. I have tried the Sally Hanson nail decals in the past and really liked the concept of them but they were a little difficult to put on by myself…so I was curious to see how these worked.

I got the fun sparkly leopard print version in my Holiday Vox Box and couldn’t wait to try them. They were super easy to put on…way easier than the Sally Hanson ones! There were no backings to peel off, no way for them to rip, no cutting necessary. The decals themselves are on a clear plastic sheet so you can hold them above your nail to see which one will fit making it almost impossible to screw it up. You simply select the size, peel it off, stick it to you nail, smooth it down, and then file off the extra off the tip. Easy peasy!

Mine lasted for about a week before I needed to remove them. They did being chipping a bit before that but being that the base color on them was nude, it wasn’t easy to tell. I could see how they may not last as long if you were to have a bright or dark solid color, though. Removal is super easy. You simply peel them off. That’s it. NOTHING ELSE!!

I loved them so much that I went out and bought 2 new packs this past weekend.

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{i tried it} Goody QuikStyle Brush


I recently joined Influenster and was thrilled when I qualified to receive the Holiday Vox Box full of all kinds of goodies to try out and review! When I saw that the Goody QuikStyle Brush was included as one of the items, I was thrilled!! The brush sparked my interest when I saw it in my Lucky Magazine a couple weeks ago but wasn’t sure if it would be worth the money.

I have medium length, naturally wavy, THICK hair. Straightening it takes a lot of time so the idea of a brush with tiny little microfiber towels in between the bristles was intriguing. I was excited to use my new brush so I rushed off to wash my hair (which if you know me…you will know isn’t something I do often!) and give myself a blow out. The brush itself had a bit of a chemical smell to it which was a little strange and seemed to get more intense as the heat from the blow dryer warmed it up. (The smell was weird but did seem to go away after the second use.)

My hair did seem to dry a little faster and was relatively frizz free which is hard to come by for me. The thickness of the brush made it a little hard to get the brush under to the roots but other than that, I loved it!! Who doesn’t want to save a bit of time while blow drying their hair?!?

You can check out all the details on the Goody website here: http://bit.ly/REp8ue 

Here is a link to the Goody Product Page on Influenster so you can check out other reviews of this fun new brush: http://bit.ly/Sis8Oi

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What I Wore {Satrday} scavenger hunt in the country…in the rain…AND new hair!!

Last night, we packed up some and headed the country for a night of country time fun to celebrate our good friend’s birthday. It had been raining ALL DAY LONG so we knew it was going to be a wet and muddy night. We grabbed some beer and headed about 45 minutes until the lights of the city faded and the rolling hills of the countryside appeared. As we walked in, we were greeted with , “Hey…its my favorite CITY PEOPLE!!” Love it!! The festivities of the night included a scavenger hunt through the country which included items like “drink a beer at chipotle, order a Big Mac at Burger King, touch Witches Rock, go skinny dipping, etc”. Yeah, we skipped the skinny dipping part…it was way too cold for that! Anyway…it was wet and rainy so this is what I wore:

gray oversized hooded sweater: Acquired from Jac at a clothing swap (THE ONLY THING I OWN WITH A HOOD!!)

purple tunic: Forever 21

black liquid leggings: American Appearel

black riding boots: Target

coral/gold earrings: Target (yes, I need to buy new earrings!)

New hair cut: courtesy of my friend Adam at Cut N Blow

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What I Wore {Thursday} green, black, zebra…

black knitted cardigan: vintage {acquired via Jac at a clothing swap}

green sleeveless top: Forever 21 {acquired via Jac at a clothing swap}

zebra layering tank: Suddenly Slim at Target

skinny jeans: Kitson

black square-toed heels: Target {at least 7 years ago!}

camera necklace/ cross necklace: gifts


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What I Wore {Wednesday} thigh highs and a proper skirt

I have been feeling a little under the weather lately {okay, who am I kidding…I have been SICK} so I have been lacking in my “cute outfits” and conversely my “what I wore” posts. Trust me…you have NOT wanted to see what I was wearing for the last 5 days or so. Being that is was only 40+ degrees today {what happened to my 80+ temps?!?!}, I needed some layers. I really wanted to wear a skirt and my thigh high socks…so that’s where I started with this one.

gray cardigan: Target

coral layering tank: Hollister

purple printed pleated skirt: Target

orange skinny belt: H&M

gray thigh high socks: American Apparel

black faux cowboy boots: Kmart (years ago)

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What I Wore {Tuesday, yesterday} Channeling my inner Tyra… pre-VS & ANTM

You may have noticed that when I am at the studio taking my “what I wore” photos, there are always TONS of photos in the background. The bathroom at the studio was UGLY when we moved in so Jac and I spent an entire day wallpapering over the hideous mauve marbled plastic paneling with vintage magazine pages. We used anything from vintage ’40s Woman’s Day bought at flea markets to ’90s YM and Seventeen stolen from my parents’ house. One of the articles we ripped out features a VERY young and VERY unknown Tyra Banks {she’s 19!!}. This particular clipping is right by the door of the bathroom and near the mirror so i find myself looking at it all the time. I decided that I wanted to channel her look in 2012.



{stole the collage idea from Jac and Beth…so sue me!}

black cardigan: Forever 21 Men’s

white layering tank: Suddenly Slim at Target

white empire waist tank: Anthropologie

navy/silver sparkle shorts: Macy’s

black tights: Target

brown lace up boots: DSW

black/ silver necklace: vintage

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What I wore {wednesday} mixing prints…stripes, paisley, & lace






paisley print dress: Target (it was a shirt in the plus size section…worn as a dress)

black lace print leggings: Target

striped scarf: Old Navy

tie mary janes: DSW clearance rack

orange feather earrings: Kohls

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What I wore {monday} blue for world autism day!

(I am a little behind in my ‘what i wore’ posts, sorry!) Yesterday was World Autism Day and the beginning of “Light it Up Blue” so in honor of that, our whole family was wearing blue in support of Chasen. I realized I don’t own a whole lot of ‘blue’ items…and also realized that these new blue skinny jeans are now too big and will likely be headed into my next Clothing Swap. 🙂




aqua sleeveless blouse: Ideeli (purchased with credits!!)

white/tan cropped cardigan: Target

royal blue skinny jeans: Sevens bought at Marshals

shades of aqua necklace: vintage

navy over the knee boots: Kmart

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What I wore {sunday} Playing with kids at church

I was going to be working in the 2 and 3 year old room at church on Sunday so I needed something that was comfortable and easy to move in. Jeggings and a tunic with flats were perfect.






green tunic: Forever 21

pink layering tank: Target

peach jeggings: Simply Vera Wang at Kohls

leopard flats: Target

gray scarf: boutique in Pickerington

pink wooden earrings: thrifted

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What I wore {saturday} lots of color and layers

So today it was quite chilly and I had to drag myself out of bed to get to the studio…not that I didn’t want to be at work…I just didn’t want to get out of my cozy warm bed! Anyway…my closet is a mess which is making it really hard to find something to wear so I literally just threw together some clothes. This skirt is actually a dress…I just pulled it down a bit and folded the top portion under to create a skirt.







teal layering tank: target
burgundy cardigan: marshals
yellow printed scarf: TJMaxx
red printed dress (worn as a skirt): Forever 21
black leggings: Forever 21
lace up boots: DSW
gray stretch belt: Rainbow shop

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