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{i tried it} NYC New York Color: Liquid Lipshine in Nude York City


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Another product that I am loving from my Influenster Holiday Vox Box is this new lipgloss from NYC New York Color. The color I got was Nude York City…this fabulously shiny nude color that works perfectly with my skin tone! The gloss itself is a little sticky for my liking (even though the bottle clearly states ‘not sticky’) but the super shine of it trumps the stickiness in my opinion. (My husband will likely say otherwise, though!) The wand is a fuzzy spatula type thing that I am not in love with as I think it makes it a little hard to apply but overall, I am loving this lipshine!

NYC New York Color (http://bit.ly/ZmNfMI) website

Liquid Lipshine product page (http://bit.ly/10cwV7v)

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{i tried it} Goody QuikStyle Brush


I recently joined Influenster and was thrilled when I qualified to receive the Holiday Vox Box full of all kinds of goodies to try out and review! When I saw that the Goody QuikStyle Brush was included as one of the items, I was thrilled!! The brush sparked my interest when I saw it in my Lucky Magazine a couple weeks ago but wasn’t sure if it would be worth the money.

I have medium length, naturally wavy, THICK hair. Straightening it takes a lot of time so the idea of a brush with tiny little microfiber towels in between the bristles was intriguing. I was excited to use my new brush so I rushed off to wash my hair (which if you know me…you will know isn’t something I do often!) and give myself a blow out. The brush itself had a bit of a chemical smell to it which was a little strange and seemed to get more intense as the heat from the blow dryer warmed it up. (The smell was weird but did seem to go away after the second use.)

My hair did seem to dry a little faster and was relatively frizz free which is hard to come by for me. The thickness of the brush made it a little hard to get the brush under to the roots but other than that, I loved it!! Who doesn’t want to save a bit of time while blow drying their hair?!?

You can check out all the details on the Goody website here: http://bit.ly/REp8ue 

Here is a link to the Goody Product Page on Influenster so you can check out other reviews of this fun new brush: http://bit.ly/Sis8Oi

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