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{People I Love} My best friend, Jackie! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

When I first interviewed Jac for a nanny position for my boys back in Feb of 2008, I never could have imagined how much this girl would change my life. I was looking for a reliable nanny…and I got that, but I got so much more as well. She is my best friend. My seamstress. My photography assistant. My hair colorist. My shopping partner. My shoulder to cry on. My sounding board for just about anything. My partner in crime when it comes to anything girlie.

Not only is she my best friend and my assistant, but she has become part of our family. The boys have grown up with her by their side and will never forget all the things she has taught them (good or bad!). She has introduced me to country music…and made me a fan. She has expanded my horizons in many aspects. She is always there for me regardless of what time it is or what she is doing. I can’t even image my life without her.

So on this your 29th birthday, I would like to remind you of some of our fondest memories…(okay, some may not be that fond.)

  • Park Street Fest in the POURING rain
  • peeking through the windows of our hotel room at PIB
  • Malibu and orange slices
  • 3:00 giggle hour
  • British-turned-Southern-turned-German accents
  • Zac Brown Band concert while I was on pain meds
  • celeb trivia while driving through the night to Florida
  • dragging you onto roller coasters when you were scared
  • the Sky-Flyer ride at King’s Island
  • Lynard Skynard concert
  • standing in the rain for Kate Voegle
  • you getting carded over and over again at Disney
  • all the many hair disasters over the years
  • you claiming you saw the Pilsburry Dough Boy in the second story window
  • “You don’t belong here, girls” gas stations
  • all the times I have had to pee…over and over again
  • midnight showing of Paranormal 3
  • blaring “Party in the USA” in my car and all singing as loud as we could
  • brainwashing my child to love COWIES!
  • fun behind the turkey shed (oh wait…you weren’t really there!) 😉
  • lots and lots of BUD LIGHTS
  • randomly wearing matching outfits…on accident
  • getting lost in the bar district after visiting House of Blues
  • every Dots concert
  • long conversations trying to understand why certain people are the way they are
  • “OMG…did you SEE her outfit?!?!” “What was she thinking?”
  • that time when you gave Kyan pistachios and honey nut cheerios…and we discovered he was allergic LOL!
  • learning to sign…and then having complete conversations in sign language
  • margaritas at La Fogata
  • tear filled texts during One Tree Hill
  • “Thats cute!” “So cute!” “oh, so cute!” Cute!” “Look how cute!”

Okay, I could really go on and on but I will stop now! I hope you have an amazing 29th birthday, love!

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{people I love right now} my independent sister, Robin

My little sister, Robin, lives in Portland, OR so we don’t see her too often other than Christmas and when she can make the occasional trip home to Indiana. I got a call from her on Thursday telling me that she was going to be in Ohio this weekend and would love to stop by our house for a couple hours if we were free. Um…of course we will be free!! As soon as I told the kids that Aunt Robin was coming to visit for a bit, they started running around the house yelling, “Aunt Robin is coming! Aunt Robin is coming!!”. So, now the kids are all dressed waiting patiently for her arrival. I keep trying to tell them that she might be a couple hours still but they are excited and can’t wait.

Robin and I are 4 years apart. As children we fought… a lot. We have completely different personalities and liked to push each other’s buttons. She was my little sister and was always following me around. Everything I did, she wanted to do. She was my little sister, after all! When I was 3, I joined dance…so eventually she did too. I joined gymnastics…she did too. In high school I joined color guard and winter guard…so when she got to high school, she did too. But…here is where things changed. I was a good dancer…and decent at guard. She took what I could do and flipped it upside-down.

As Robin grew up, she began to grow out of my shadow and become her own person. She does things that I could never do. She was amazing at guard {WAY BETTER THAN I EVER WAS} and ended up doing it at a professional level after high school. She picked up and moved across the country to Portland on a whim. Even though the pay was terrible, she began spending hours a week coaching high school color guards because its what she loves. She isn’t afraid to do things on her own. She isn’t afraid to take the road less traveled even if it is a little scary. She speaks her mind and will tell you how she feels. She loves to debate and wont quit until you have joined her side. 🙂

I miss my sister and wish she lived closer so we could spend more time together. It is rumored that she may be moving to the East Coast…which would be a little closer. For now, I will cherish the few short hours that we get to spend with her a couple times a year.

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{people I love right now – part one} My amazing hubby, Alex

my amazing hubby, ALEX:

In just a couple months, Alex and I will celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. Yes, I said 12th. Ready for the quickie story… we started dating in Oct of 1998, got engaged in Feb of 1999 (4 months later), and got married in June of 2000 (at the ripe old age of 21). Everyone always talks about how we are “the perfect couple” and are “so cute together”…and I’m not going to say that we aren’t but we have had our issues like every other couple. Raising two boys  (one with Autism and one comedian), being active in our church, me running a business, him working tons of hours as a designer, etc can really wear on you but we are working through it. We make time to be together…away from all that that makes us crazy. We take vacations every year… ALONE!! Yes, it is possible to just leave the kids with family (or friends) and GO BE A COUPLE AGAIN!

I’m not going to say that I love everything about him…I mean he is human. I can’t stand the way he gulps loudly. I hate his anal attentive ways of cleaning the house. If he is hungry…look out! However, the “i love’s” highly outweigh the “i hate’s”. I love the way he plays with the kids. I love when he tells me I look pretty or hot or sexy. Even though I sometimes question it, I love getting “I love you” texts in the middle of the day. I love that we can drive for hours and still have plenty to talk about.

I love our little adventures: no plans, lots of laughter, silly voices, holding hands, mid-day naps, and late night wandering.

I love that he buys me a copy of People Magazine with Blake Shelton and Adam Levine on the cover because he knows I love them (and I think he secretly has a man-crush on them).

I love the way he never forgets an important event in our lives… even our “engagement anniversary” which he always sends me flowers or something of the sort.

He is an amazing husband, amazing father, and an amazing illustrator. I am so proud to call him mine.

I love that no matter what I say or do, I know that he will never ever leave me. He won’t. He couldn’t. And that is why I love him.

{stay tuned for nine more “people I love right now” posts coming soon…}

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